US Zeitgeist Video unrated DVD edition

After having showed us his wonderfully bizarre and uniquely surreal Universe in a couple of amazing feature films as
i.a. 1988 "Alice", 1996 "Conspirators of Pleasure" and the 2000 "Little Otik" and in mass of exciting short films ....

Czechia's David Lynch or it's Luis Buñuel is back with a new feature film, a film he sees a Philosophical Horror, where
a young man in 19th century France comes under the influence of a mystical and deranged Marquis, interested in
strange and esoterical rites .

OK, i call every interesting off-beat director i like for being a Luis Buñuel of this and that country, and that's because
the Spaniard is my all time favourite movie director and i use his name as a "stamp of quality" (more than meaning
that the director actually make films just like Buñuel).

Anamorphic widescreen 1.85:1, Making of Lunacy, behind the scenes, trailer, interview Svankmajer

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