US Zeitgeist Video DVD edition

The Horak couple, Karel (Jan Hartl) and Bozena (Veronika Zilkova) can not get a baby and Bozena is going out
of her mind with grief over this tragic fact (why can't they adopt?) when Karel gives her a stump of wood which
he has digged up somewhere. A stump that has the uncanny resemblance of a child, and Bozena starts nursing
the piece of wood as if it was a real baby child.

She dress it in baby clothes, gives it a baby bath etc. and she fakes a pregnancy to fool their neighbours putting
a pillow under her clothing to make her belly pouting out.
One day when Karel comes home from work he finds Bozena breast-feeding the stump, who has come alive.

Surrealistic, absurd, funny and tragic this amazing piece of film art is based on Czechian folk-tale about Otesánek.

Totally unique Family Drama Horror from Genius experimental film and animation master Svankmajer, and i don't
know which film of his that is my favourite, this one or "Alice" maybe.

Presented in 4:3 fullscreen original ratio, text interview with Jan Svankmejer, production notes, a Trailer plus the
1969 short movie "The Flat" (black & white, 12 minutes)

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