Limbo (Jichi, 2021)

HK Panorama 2021 Blu-ray edition - REGION A

Soi Cheang (Cheang Pou-Soi or Sui Cheang) with a Pitch-Black Hong Kong Neo-Noir Crime Thriller stylishly shot entirely in
Black & White. So dark and violent that the film got a Cat. III rating, and Soi Cheang famous for his often visually stunning
and dark crime noirs as i.a. 2006 "Dog Bite Dog", 2008 "Shamo" or 2015 "SPL 2" here probably gives us his darkest film yet.

"Limbo" a film that that makes you want to take a shower after watching it, and not because of any sleaze but because almost
the whole film takes place in the dirtiest alleys of Hong Kong and our protagonists is literally wading through droves of dumped
garbage. The film locations probably more resembling Hell than any actual street of Hong Kong ? (My guess is that the HK
authorities wouldn't allow such filth as there would be serious risks of epidemics of cholera or such spreading if so).

The Story:

Severed bodyparts (left hands) are found dumped in the slum district of Hong Kong, but where are the bodies ?
The experienced crime cop Cham Lau (Gordon Lam Ka Tung) investigates and has to work with the fresh baked cop Will Ren
(Mason Lee). Cham Lau turns loose cannon when he relentlessly chases a girl that may know things about the killer.
She's Wong To and may be the unluckiest girl in HK. She's a car thief and a junkie and there's a reason Cham Lee is chasing
her as she once killed his wife in a car accident driving recklessly. Cham Lau hates her guts and uses her to snitch on all small
time criminals, including the drug peddlers, in the slum area to get a possible lead onto the killer. The criminals don't take this
too well and Wong To is chased, brutalized and almost killed by them.

Wong To is brilliantly played by mainland actress Cya Liu Yase AKA Liu Xin and she has won a bunch of Best Actress awards
for her role i.a at the 40th Hong Kong Film Awards. The film was screened at The Berlin Film Festival and also Soi Cheang's
new film "Mad Fate" is about to be shown there in February 2023 (i'm writing this text February 25th 2023).
Another example of when the fast and hyperkinetic style of HK filmmaking makes a mainland actor/actress stand out with his/her
perhaps a bit more pondering and pensive performance.

Besides cantonese there are also some japanese and english being spoken. The Great Kenji Kawai provides a fine soundtrack
and Hiroyuki Ikeuchi plays the Junkman, Fish Liew plays Coco the junkie.
The film is presented in widescreen (not stated on sleeve but probably 2.35: 1 or 2.40:1 something, with cantonese (and some
japanese and english) audio Dolby True HD 7.1 with english subtitles, REGION A.
Trailer, Teaser and 10 minutes featurette without subtitles as extras.

sure if it was because of the Blu-ray disc or because of something to do with my audio and player equipment ?