Lee Sung Gang Animation Collection (1995-1998)

Korean KD Media DVD

First: I haven't seen this collection of Lee Sung Gangs early animated short films ... yet, that is. The DVD
have NO english subtitles but i hope too see these films some time, but i'm sure this DVD is hard to find nowadays.

The DVD released in 2003 features these films:

Two Rooms (1995) 3 minutes long, Lover (1996) 10 minutes, Spirit (1995) 3 minutes, Umbrella (1997) 10 minutes
Ocean (1998) 10 minutes and Ashes in the Bush (1998) 16 minutes

Sound: 2.0 Format: Fullscreen 4:3 Korean with no subtitles Extras: Profile, interview, director's commentary, art gallery

Well, it seems that Lee Sung Gang only got to make three (3) Feature films with his 2 animated ones and his
unique indie drama-thriller Texture of Skin, and as this underrated and sadly totally obscure film sunk in a
black hole in a distant galaxy it seems that the feature film days are over for Lee.
The Stupid Apathy from US, the filmlovers of the world has stopped a promising career and a unique voice.
So, Lee is back to making animated short films again, and maybe (?) of his own choice, who knows as there's
no interviews in english anywhere with this great korean filmmaker.

Anyway, in 2012 Lee made the animated shortfilm, see pic above, A Monster in the Reservoir (12 minutes)
shown at the Green Film Festival 2013 in Seoul for Environmental films. The Story about a giant creature who
is threatened by human development plans.
In 2014 Lee made the animated short Aksim (29 minutes) about a monkey who feel lost among his art friends
and have a hard time blending in. Then he gets possessed by a human spirit and is even more on his own

I do hope that Lee Sung Gang will get to make another feature film in the future - I Hope ....


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