La Venganza de la Momia (The Mummy's Revenge, 1973 or 1975)

Spanish Research Entertainment DVD edition

Yes, i may've sounded a bit hard here, trashy and badly directed by Aured, badly written by Naschy/Molina and badly acted, really?
Sure, BUT is that really a bad thing? The Answer is NO as this is a Spanish genre film from The Golden Iberian Era and the question
should be - is this film a Good Bad film or not, and La Venganza de la Momia was certainly quite entertaining to sit through, so it is a
Good Bad film. Enjoyable Spanish Trash Cinema .... and with the luscious Helga Line as the bad woman.

What about all these AMAZING Spanish Golden Era Trash Cinema actresses you have fallen in love with ? Aaaah .... Let's just name
a few: Nieves Navarro and Helga Line, wow! Two of my all time favourite actresses of the Golden era gialli and horror films, and then
there are Maribel Martin, Diana Lorys, Maria Kosti, Silvia Tortosa, Concha Valero, Loreta Tovar, Lina Romay, Silvia Aguilar, Soledad
Miranda, Emma Cohen, Maria Silva, Pilar Velázquez, Emma Quer, Assumpta Serna, Agata Lys, Christine Galbo and others.

Helga Line as the evil Egyptian sorcerer Zanufer

This Spanish DVD edition had NO subtitles to the spanish audio, but i didn't need any as the story was easy enough to follow. Jacinto
Molina's script could've been written by a child. This film is trash but somehow it works anyway, and it most often did during this time,
The Golden Iberian era, the 1970's when bad films got a golden shimmer and to be honest, these Good Bad spanish films are more fun than
most Good Good films. Is it nostalgia that does it or the unique time-stamp ? The same with 1980's slashers, you can't re-make them.

In this film Paul Naschy plays a double role as 1. the cruel and evil Pharaoh Amenhotep, and 2. the Egyptologist Professor Assad Bey, and
also unknown actress Rina Ottolina plays a double role as 1. Amenhotep's wife or GF Amarna, and 2. Helen, the daughter of the wheelchair-
bound old Museum Egyptologist (Eduardo Calvo). Jack Taylor is also an egyptologist, professor Nathan Stern with wife Abigail or Leyla
(Maria Silva), and the lovely Helga Line plays the GF of Assad Bey, both of them being evil sorcerers and killers.

The funniest scene are when professor Nathan stand talking with his wife at the Themsen, and you can see modern buildings and traffic on
the bridge in the background. Nothing strange about that, if not this film was supposed to take place sometime at the end of the 19th century?

Amenhotep's Mummy (Naschy) about to cut and/or re-animate his queen (Rina Ottolina)

Evil Amenhotep likes to watch people getting tortured and his enemies kills both him and his queen Amarna. In present day, which is
supposed to be around the turn of the century 18-1900's something, an egyptologist (Taylor) excavates his grave and takes his mummy to
London. Another egyptologist, Assad Bey (Naschy) turn up with his girlfriend (Helga Line as Zanufer) and they're sorcerers that need
women's blood in their rituals to re-animate the mummy. A murder spree starts and there are some nasty skull crushing gore.

What about director Carlos Aured ? He directed Naschy in several movies i.a. the GREAT 1973 "Los Ojos azules de la muñeca rota", probably
my favourite Iberian giallo ever, in this film 1973 La Venganza de la momia, in El Retorno de Walpurgis and in yet another film.

Aured 1982 dud Iquino 1982

After the death of Franco in November 1975 and the relaxation of film censoring some directors grabbed the opportunity to make sexy Spanish films,
as i.a. Carlos Aured and Ignacio F. Iquino, and Aured made the awful 1982 "Apocalipsis sexual" were Iquino made the better 1978 "Emmanuelle y
Carol" and the 1982 "Los Sueños Húmedos de Patrizia" with the amazing Concha Valero in it. - Read more about these trash films in "Bad Spanish
Films" on my Cult & Classics page 2.

The film is presented in anamorphic widescreen 2.35:1 and with a spanish audio DD 2.0 with NO subtitles.
Extras: Entrevista Paul Naschy 2009 where the legend speaks in spanish without subs about 4 of his films (20 + minutes) 1. La Marca des
Hombre Lobo 2. La Venganza de la Momia 3. El Retorno de Walpris and 4. Inquisicion, and you can see his weight-lifting trophies on a shelf
behind him, biographies and a picture gallery. R.I.P. Paul-Jacinto, the legendary Hombre Lobo that died not long after this interview


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