The Last Seduction (Swedish title: En kvinnas list, 1994)

US Artisan DVD edition

The Last Seduction
(En kvinnas list) is a much praised Neo Noir and a homage to the greatest film genre ever, the Film Noir
of the 1940's and early 1950's and surely one of the best Neo Noirs ever made.
Linda Fiorentino is both sexy, ice cold and aggressive, a predator of the night with a seductive husky voice. Beware, she's
smart and deadly. John Dahl's surely making a homage not just to the Film Noir genre but also to it's Femme Fatale women.

Whatever happened to Linda Fiorentino and her career? She was nothing but Fucking Fantastic as the Femme Fatale here.
The Last Seduction is one of the very few modern crime movies that could be compared with the one's from the 1940's.
However, this has to be said:

Last Seduction may be a Neo-Noir homage to the Film Noir genre BUT still, it's more of a pastiche of a FN film than a real
Film Noir. Why? Because of the coolness, the ironic humour and the abstence of desperation. It's great though as such.

The Un-likeable New York couple Bridget (Linda Fiorentino) and shady doctor Gregory (Bill Pullman) has earned 700 000 USD
selling stolen pharmacy narcotics, and then she dumps Gregory and vanishes along with the money. She arrives to a small
village on the countryside, changes her identity, finds a job and seduces the bumpkin Mike (Peter Berg) with a lot of sex.
Her husband Gregory isn't that happy about it though, and the question is, will he find her?

" Mike: You're Talking About Murder, Bridget: Yeah...So!"

Linda Fiorentino is a nowadays Linda Darnell (immortal for her femme fatale role in 1945 Fallen Angel) delivering her lines
as with a whip. She's hard, rotten and beautiful and a personification of the Sociopathic Femme Fatale


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