La Semana del Asesino (The Cannibal Man / The Apartment on the 13th Floor, 1973)

Spanish Divisa Home Video - Mercury Films Blu-ray edition

Famous Spanish arthouse horror drama known internationally as "Cannibal Man" that with mucho sexual situations both
hetero and homosexual plus a hefty dose of brutal murders made the Spanish censors at the time go bananas.
The film is dark and depressing and off-beat for a horror film, but interesting.

Our psycho "hero", the protagonist, is a good looking and seemingly normal man, Marcus (Vicente Parra). He's poor and
working at a slaughterhouse (Warning for these scenes) but he lives in his own house and he has a girlfriend in Paula
(played by Spanish Golden Era genre film actress Emma Cohen) which he plans to marry.
He has worked at the slaughterhouse for 15 years, and before him his mother worked there for decades before she had an
accident at work and burned and died. Some comic scenes here with Marcus quirky boss and a weird co-worker, and he
is put to handle a meat-grinder machine making pulp out of scrap meat parts.

At first everything seems to go smoothly for Marcus, but when an annoying taxi driver throws him and Paula out of his
car in the middle of the night and then starts to smack Paula up, then Marcus hits the man with a rock and kills him.
Paula insists in going to the police and tell everything but Marcus won't have nothing of that. He feels threatened and
finally he strangles her to death and tucks her in under his bed. Marcus is a psychopath and has no restraints at all.
Iglesia accompanys a lovemaking scene with Marcus and Paula (Emma looked spectacular in the nude) with the sound
of a ticking clock, and the camera makes a sweep over Marcus wall filled with dangerous looking tools. Something bad
is surely about to happen.

When Marcus brother Steve/Esteban (Charly Bravo) turns up he's the next victim, and when his brother's fiancée Carmen
(Dolores Herrera) comes looking for him she has to go to, with her throat cut, and her father etc. Marcus is on a killing
spree and the bodies in his bedroom starts to pile up, with flies assembling and the stench getting worse and worse.
But, a homosexual man Lester/Néstor (Eusebio Poncela, seen in i.a. the 1979 cult movie "Arrebato") has been peeping on
him through his roof window using binoculars and befriends Marcus even though he has seen the killings.

The Bluray presents the film in widescreen 1.85:1 and with english audio and in some scenes with spanish audio with
english subtitles, region all. Extras: Los asesinos de la Semana - text about the censor problems in spanish only,
Planos eliminados/Deleted scenes, English trailer, gallery, filmographies


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