La Patria del rata (1980)

Spanish Mercury Films Blu-ray edition

Text below written 2020-03-05

1980 Crime Action "La Patria del Rata" is about the desperate bankrobber and police killer Rata (Danilo Mattei) who's chased by
the police and finally holes up in a small house with a hostage, a kid suffering from diabetes. There's a pretty exciting car chase
through the streets of Madrid at the beginning of the film and there are some interesting views from the poor suburbs of Madrid
before this film starts to lose it's steam. The hostage situation drags on too long and the police behaves strangely.

Blatant inconsistencies regarding the clumsy police procedure irritates me - the crowd - no snipers - ending cop suicidal shoot-out
La Patria del Rata is a Bad Good or Bad Bad film, and maybe the latter as Paco Lara is a B grade director. But some scenes were OK
as the chase at the beginning and the acting from Danilo Mattei as the desperado was good.

The film was presented in a Blu-ray edition and in 1.78:1 widescreen with spanish audio LPCM or stereo WITHOUT any subtitles
Extras: trailer, galeria, filmographies, ficha técnica and artistica