La Búsqueda (The Search, 1985)

German Cargo Records DVD edition (reversible sleeve without the FSK sticker)


A totally obscure (for me that is and probably for others too) 1980's gem from Argentina. A very entertaining B-ish Female Revenge
Home Invasion Crime Thriller. Great Fun and i really enjoyed this one, violent, nasty and sleazy, the 1980's trashy movies rocked.
The Meaning of Life - to find obscure 1980's crime action horror slashers you have never heard about ?

A gang of criminals attacks and home invades the villa of a middle-aged couple with a son and a daughter and takes them as hostage.
The gangsters gig was to put a false ad in the paper with Mr. Beltran selling his Mercedes, and then to rob all eager potential buyers
arriving to the villa with cash in their pockets.
The leader of the gang (Rodolfo Ranni) has a gang of thugs with him and they soon starts to harass the females, raping Ms. Beltran
and killing Mr. Beltran. A trauma that puts the son in an institution in a coma, and with the daughter, Patrizia (Andrea Tenuta) only
living for one thing, to find the perpetrators and to extract revenge.

Patrizia is out partying and meets an older lesbian or bi-sexual lady, Monica (Luisina Brando) and when she sees the male friend of
Monica, she recognizes him as the leader of the gangster gang that attacked her family. Pat wants to know who the man is and she
starts to hang out with Monica, who runs a massage parlour and Bordello owned by that man. Pat starts working there as a
waitress and soon another one in the gang turns up, the giggling idiot, the brother of the gang leader (Emilio Disi).

Pat seduces him and kills him, but the boss and his underling Ringo (Jorge Sissi) knows who she is by now and we're in for a
great fun ending. Aaaah ... this one is much better than most of all the high-brow arty argentinian thrillers i've seen on Netflix.
They knew how to make them in the 1980's and Female Revenge on film is the sweetest revenge.

The film is presented in anamorphic widescreen with an english audio dub (or in spanish audio without english subtitles).
Extras a Trailer, trashy trailers for other films and a longer version of the film in 4:3 fullscreen english audio (but don't bother with
this as the extra scene is Patrizias parents talking)


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