Thai DVD edition in widescreen with Thai audio 5.1 and with english subtitles

A pretty good-looking romantic drama-fantasy-adventure, where the beautiful Pam is wooed by both the warrior Kaew
and the fat Chang. The fat bad guy Chang arranges that Kaew is sent to the war up in the north, and then spreads the
rumour that Kaew is dead whereby he can marry Pim. Kaew does well in the war and is granted the title Kunpan, and
becomes the powerful leader of his own army. But, yet again fat Chang strikes, badtalks Kaew so he loses everything.
Revengeful Kaew flees to a forest where he obtains magical powers, a magic horse, a magical sword and a .... flying
ghost foetus from Boaclee, the bandit leader's daughter ?? Yeah, sounds crazy.

A key-ring was included with the DVD, promotion gadget

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