Killer's Moon (1978)

UK Screenbound Pictures Blu-ray edition

Text below written 2018-08-10

YES, i know, i know, ha, ha, ha, a schlocky horror where a busload of over-aged schoolgirls visiting the Lake
district in England has a mechanical problem with their bus, and has to take refuge in a nearby castle when 4
escaped killers and rapists crazed on LSD attack them. That sounds like some trashy fun for a fan of 1970's
horror, BUT it's NOT, because this film is excruciatingly BAD. Ineptly directed, written, photographed and
acted this was a pain to watch all to the end.
There are gore, terror, rape, nudity but there's also tons of bad acting to outweigh the horror elements.

Why the cult reputation then? Reading the IMDB you think you entered the Bizarro world when some hail this
film. The only reason i can think of is that the reviewers are british and that this film has got a Video Nasty
reputation with it's original X certificate, or maybe the fact that this film is so mind-boggingly BAD it has lured
the Bad Movie film lovers in ? Someone wrote that this looked like a horror made by Ed Wood, Jr. and maybe,
maybe, the fact that a film could be this ineptly made give it some aura of .... aura of bad movie charm maybe?

It seems that famous author Fay Weldon actually co-wrote this epic film with maestro Alan Birkinshaw (her
brother, really? The cretin child of the family i guess). I can't list all the faults in this film as the listing would be
much too long. The story goes as follows:

The Maiden Hills School Choir is on it's way to a concert in the british Lake district when the bus breaks down.
The over-aged women playing the roles of schoolgirls sings annoyingly, and they've 2 teachers as chaperons.
They seek refuge for the night in a nearby castle, a closed off-season hostel. What they don't know is that 4
dangerous lunatics has escaped a mental asylum. These rapists and killers are high on LSD and think they're
still in their Dream Therapy and can do everything bad they want as everything is just a phantasm.
Soon they've found their way in to the unlucky Choir and the terror is on. Can anyone save the girls, 2 nearby
campers maybe? Pete (Anthony Forrest) and Mike (Tom Marshall) and a 3 legged Dobermann dog.

Yes, i knoooow, this sounds like trashy "fun" when described. It's weird but it wasn't very fun ... a little maybe,
a tiny itsy-bitsy part of fun and a huge part of boredom. The 3 legged dog was fine though.
widescreen 1.77:1 with english audio LPCM, trailers

Trashy "fun" as terror, rape and murder or "great gore" ... yeah, naturally this apply only when watching a genre
film and NOT in real life. I'm not Adolf Hitler. Watching a horror film is like when people once watched Grand
Guignol theatre - it's not for real, it's for fun.There's a film team just outside of the frame. Real violence sucks


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