US Blue Underground unrated DVD edition

Entertaining but trashy Nunsploitation horror and perhaps even a Nun-Giallo. Sweden's own Anita Ekberg (born 1931 and dead 2015 R.I.P.) became
Miss Sweden in a beauty pageant in 1951 and she had an interesting film career mostly in international productions of the B-movie kind. Yeah, yeah,
she appeared in Fellini movies, yada, yada, but the entertaining one's were the genre films she made. The strange Euro productions as in this 1979 Nun
crime movie, as a stripper in the 1958 B Noir crime mystery "The Screaming Mimi", as in the arty 1998 belgian comedy drama "The Red Dwarf" or as in
the trashy 1972 giallo "The French Sex Murders" with other genre actresses as Rosalba Neri and Barbara Bouchet.

Ekberg is a middle-aged nun and nurse, Gertude and she works in a nursing home under the boss, Doctor Poiret (Massimo Serrato). She's to become a
junkie, The Junkie Nun, and she's possibly mentally ill, when she thinks she's dying and is injecting morphine. She's close to a collapse and she starts
to be annoyed by the poor elderly patients. She stomps the glasses of an elderly lady to pieces, the old woman dies and Nurse Gertude steals her
jewellery, she sells the jewels, goes to a bar and picks up a lover.

She shares a room with the younger nun, the lesbian sex bomb sister Mathilde (Paola Morra) who's in love with Gertrude. Soon the patients start to
die, and the question arise, is Sister Gertrude the guilty one ? Joe Dallesandro plays the doctor Patrick a substitute for Poiret and Alida Valli is the
female boss, the Mother superior who will do anything to avoid a public scandal.

OK, i may have turned a little crazy after watching thousands of trash movies as a grown-up, but i do think this film is somewhat better than it's poor
reputation. Phil Hardy says in his Horror Encyclopedia: "Berruti offers a simple sexploitation .... Ekberg plays a man-hating Nun .... while diverting
suspicion on to a fellow Nun ....". But Hardy may not even have seen the film, something that is apparent when really watching it.
Yes, it's Trashy, but Anita Ekberg really is quite good and even though Paola Morra may be nude a lot i see the film more as a Giallo-Horror than
a Sexploitation movie. My favourite scene being a dream sequence where Anita is shooting up morphine.

Restored film in anamorphic widescreen, english audio mono, plus an interview with director Giulio Berruti 13 minutes and a trailer. Region free

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