Gorgeous Punk Icon Silvia Superstar and the very cool rockgroup The Killer Barbies (the spanish Ramones from Vigo)
are on a tour, get lost with their van, stop at a castle and ask the countess Olga Luchan Fliedermaus for help. But the
sexy old lady rots and badly need new young blood to re-animate. Who's the countess? No one else than the LEGENDARY
Mariangela Giordano (famous for her entries in the Horror Film Hall of Shame with the scenes from "Burial Ground" with
Peter Bark zombie, and that vagina scene from "Patrick, Still Lives") and even though she acted in italian Sword and Sandal
films in the 1950's and must be nearing 60's here, she still look great naked. Amazing!

Inept trash from Jess as usual with gore, sex and some great rockmusic (Love Killer). Extra: Music Videos - They Came From
Mars and Downtown. The film's title "Barbys" instead of Barbies beacause of the US Barbie corporation legal threat.
(The pic to the right's from Freakshow's picture gallery) And Yes, If i remember correctly there's a nice interview with Silvia
and Billy on the disc extras, an interview i haven't seen anywhere else, on Youtube or elsewhere