German DVD and CD

1. Intro 2. I Wanna Live in Tromaville (music video) 3. Lovekiller (music video) 4. Behind the scenes: In India
5. Freakshow (music video) 6. Solo Para Ti (music video from spanish TV show) 7. Lost Control (music video)
8. Gente Pez (music video from the spanish film) 9. At the studio 10. Making of "They Come From Mars" 11. Mars
(music video) 12. In New York (behind the scenes) 13. Downtown (music video) 14. Making of "Dracula vs Killer Barbys"
15. Making of "Candy" 16. Candy (music video) 17. In Tokyo (behind the scenes) 18. Live from Rockpalats 19. Have
some Fun + El Resplandor (music video from spanish TV show) 21. Comic Book (music video á la India) and glimpses
from the Galician TV youth-POP culture-show "Xabarin Club (1994) with beautiful Silvia as a popular hostess.
Bonus CD: 1. Goin' Wild 2. Sculls 3. Fui Yo 4. Mas alla 5. Voy a robar tu amor 6. Bajo mi piel 7. Candy (in spanish)
Mighty fine "Solo Para Ti" and "El Resplandor" otherwise only on the compilation "Intoxicación" Toxic Records 1999