The Jail - The Women's Hell (2006)

US Intervision Picture Corp. DVD

Odette Khan as the Brutal Prison Director and one of the guards

Yeaaah, a Neo-WIP film, just what the world needed. A trashy and sleazy genre that never dies, but let's hope that
the retro film wave stays away from re-animating the 1970's shameful naziploitation genre, let's keep that one buried.
There has been one or another "good" .... or maybe Fun is a better word, WIP entry through the years and my favourite
is Chained Heat with Linda Blair, also Jess Franco's bizarre Wanda The Wicked Warden with Lina Romay and Dyanne
Thorne must be considered a classic (also called Greta, Haus Ohne Männer) and Jess Franco made a whole bunch of
these WIP's once upon a time in the golden era of sleaze filmmaking.

Bruno Mattei with alias Vincent Dawn also made some WIP films besides tons of fun trash movies in different genres as
zombie- sci-fi- apocalypse- action - historical sleaze-horror and even porn. I remember Violence in a Women's Prison
vaguely (with Laura Gemser maybe?) and Bruno Mattei's WIP's were even worse than Jess Franco's, one step lower.
My favourite Mattei film must be the sci-fi apocalyptic horror Rats from 1984.
Bruno made his Trash films with plenty of Gusto all the way until the end - Bruno Mattei R.I.P. 1932-2007 and his last
films he made in the Philippines with this one in 2006 and the zombie horrors The Island of the Living Dead (L'isola dei
morti viventi in 2006) and his last Zombies: The Beginning (Zombi: La creazione in 2007)

The Shower Scene

Well, there's not much to say really about the story as it has the elemental things that's required to make a WIP, as a butch
warden, lots and lots of nudity, cat fights, abusive and detestable men including a bummed up Howard Vernon type doctor,
brutal guards, torture, whippings and .... and .... The Great Escape and the ending fall of the bad guys (if not a Franco WIP,
then this rule doesn't always apply)

Jennifer (Yvette Ozon), Carol (Annelie Pontailler) and Lisa (Love Gutierrez) are the new arrivals to a jungle prison some-
where in south-east asia. A hell hole ruled by a brutal warden (Odette Khan) and her staff of brutal baton whipping female
guards. There's a sleazy doctor (David Brass), a Governor (Jim Gaines) using the inmates in his brothel, a snitch inmate etc.
Well, there's not much more to say really as the nasty stuff keeps coming all through the film.

This could be a feminist statement of a film - A Satire over the male condition as all the men in the movie are:

1. Howling 2. Drooling 3. Raping 4. Killing

During the 2nd half there's a lot of Gory nastiness (too disgusting to put in words) and actual squibs are used in a nasty
shotgun killing in slow mo , so there's some effort made here, and the philippine actresses were beautiful too.
If you're not into WIP films - you better use the Fast Forward button - Long Live the FF button !

anamorphic widescreen 1.78:1, english 2.0. Extras: 1. Acting for Bruno Featurette (8 minutes, 2015) with Yvette Yzon and
Alvin Anson telling about their encounters with the italian type Shouting director Bruno Mattei (in english),
2. Prison Inferno Featurette (22 min, 2015) with producer Giovanni Paolucci and screenwriter Antonio Tentori about their
work with trash film legend Bruno Mattei (in italian with subs), 3. Trailer


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