Jack The Ripper (1969)

US Image Entertainment DVD


When writing this it's over 10 years since i watched this DVD. As i remember this US Image Entertainment
DVD release in 2003 was one of the first "ambitious" releases of a Jesse Franco film.
One of the Erwin C. Dietrich produced extremely low budgeted one's and Jesús "Jess" Franco really showed
how to make a very atmospheric Jack The Ripper movie with sweeping London mists out of nothing when
Zurich had to play the role of London.

Klaus Kinski was great as always in the role as the Ripper and there were some grisly murders, especially
the murder of Lina Romay's victim if i remember correctly.

Today this Franco film can be bought in a perfect Blu-ray version, but this 2003 DVD must've been one of the
first Franco releases (in USA and ... Switzerland?) that put some effort in a restored version of the film.
Presented in an anamorphic wide version 1.85:1 with 4 language mono audio versions incl. an english dub.

With an interesting documentary featurette with the legendary swiss sleaze producer and director Erwin C. Dietrich
who tells us about his work with Jesse Franco and the legendary actor Klaus Kinski.
Also a featurette about the restoration of the film, with biographies, galleries, a deleted Lina Romay scene and
with a commentary track with Erwin C. Dietrich


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