I Spit On Your Grave (Day of the Woman - The Sequel, 2013)

Jemma Dallender

Nordic Atlantic Film DVD

Text below written 2018-01-15

Hey, i didn't even like the original 1970's Meir Zarchi cult classic cheapo very much, but it had Camille Keaton in it and that
unique raw 1970's grindhouse feel to it. The re-make was quite dull as i remember and this one was pure Torture Porn when
a NY model wannabee has a quarrel with some Bulgarian scumbags about making her a model portfolio.
She gets raped, beaten and humiliated ... again and again, and then left for dead in Sofia, Bulgaria. But she survives and
starts her brutal revenge. Jemma Dallender was quite good in the role as Katie Carter and mucho gorgeous.

Bulgarian viewers beware though: Obviously the racist cretins that has made this film thinks people from Sofia wade knee-deep
in shit at their nightclubs. Bad acting from many, bad script ... just how did the Bulgarian rapists transport her from NY to Sofia
in a box? Scriptwriters "Hmmm, i think we better just skip showing this in the film".
Is this really a Hollywood film, or is it a indie? It has full frontal nudity, pissing, rapes and graphic crushing of a mans nuts - yuck!

Anamorphic widescreen 2.35:1, 5.1 english audio with swedish subtitles. No extras