Iskushenie (Temptation of B, 1990)

Russian DVD or DVD-R

A writer B. (Lembit Ulfsak, an estonian-russian actor) is leaving his apartment when he sees his neighbour, the poet
(a minor one) being carried out on a stretcher.
The man (Oleg Borisov) is in panic of dying (from botulism?) and begs the writer, B. (Lembit Ulfsak) to immediately
contact a professor at some institute and to bring him a couple of drops of the "Mafusalin".
B has no idea of what that is but supposes it's some sort of new medicine, and he do visit the professor telling him
about the poets request.

Then after visiting the poet at the hospital he's followed and later that night a group of 5 people enters his apartment,
the professor, the poet, B's lover (Natalya Gundareva) plus 2, and a long session of questioning B follows.
How much does he know ?
The Five has found the elixir of life (in a secret grotto dropping from a stalagmite (or stalactite) and have the power
of immortality, and do they want him to join them or not ? A long nightly discussion follows.
What have they done with their gift during the centuries, and does he even want to join them in immortality ?

Film in 4:3 original fullscreen with russian audio and with english subtitles, no extras, region all.
This intelligent art sci-fi has probably never been released on a regular DVD so this could be a VHS transfer maybe


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