Intrepidos Punks (1980)

US alternative market release DVD edition

An entertaining piece of quality Trash
this was. Demented and violent and with a theme punky rock song that may get stuck in your brain forever
as it's played all through the film - "Intrepidos Punks ... on their motorcycles, riding around with their girls, looking for adventure, they worship Satan.
Sex and drugs and violence, and lots of rock n' roooll ... Intrepidos Punks" - performed by Mexican progressive rock band Three Souls in My Mind.
And, with La Princesa Lea and El Fantasma in the leading baddie roles, cool names huh?

La Princesa Lea who plays the charismatic female leader of the biker gang, Fiera, was born in Canada and her real name was Susan Linda Fair and
she was an exotic or burlesque dancer, so probably La Princesa Lea was her stage name.
And El Fantasma playing the male leader of the biker gang, Tarzan, he was a Luchador, a mexican wrestler, like El Santo or Blue Demon.
The busty cat woman Jarocha (played by Olga Rios ... i think?) was pretty yummy too, besides Fiera.

This film i found on an US alternative market DVD release but it can also be seen on Youtube in the same version as this one, i think.

The film starts with 4 women dressed like nuns robbing a bank of 3 million pesos and then fleing into the desert where they hang around in a cave
where they party, takes drugs and have sex. Inspired by the 1977 London Punk style they look like futuristic punks from a Mad Max movie.
Fiera, the main visual viewpoint in this film, looks to that her prisoner husband, Tarzan, breaks out of jail, and the gang, the Intrepidos Punks can
start a wave of terror.
Their main motivation seems to be getting coke and weed for their dance and sex partying out in the desert, but they like to kill and rape some too.

Will the Federal police agents catch the biker psychos ? 2 unlikeable moustached cops Javier and Marco, are on the case, 2 machismo cops that is.
Ha, ha, when watching the gangs mayhem on the news: Marco - "Extremely dangerous women", Javier - "But, Hot!" - Marco - "Well, Yeah".

This film had a sequel in 1991 with La Vengeanza de los Punks. The picture quality was OK, obviously a VHS transfer, and in a 4:3 fullscreen ratio
Spanish audio with english subtitles


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