In the Fog (2012)

UK New Wave Films Blu-ray edition

Slowpaced, depressing but very good. A WW2 film should be depressing as war is hell.
This film takes place in Belarus 1942 during WW2 and nazi ockupation. A group of suspected partisans are executed by the
local Nazi collaborator officials but one man from the group, railroad workers, are released after questioning - Susheniya
(played by Vladimir Svirski). Along the partisans, and maybe even by his wife, he's immediately suspected of ratting out on
his fellow railroad workers, but he denies any guilt. Is he guilty or the part of a smart plan made by the nazis to lure out the
partisans for the expected punishment of Susheniya ?

Kolya Burov (Vlad Abashin) and Vitik (Sergei Kolesov) are the partisans sent for the punishment of Susheniya, and the film
is told like a triptych with a segment of Kolya's story, of Susheniya's and finally of Voitik's.
An impressive film hailed by critics and a winner at Cannes. This film is un-biased but it seems that this Ukrainian director
unfortunately has turned nationalistic and russophobic in his later filmmaking, sad as he showed some serious talent here.

The film is presented in widescreen (format not stated on sleeve) with a russian audio PCM stereo or DTS MA 5.1 with english
subtitles. Extra a trailer and the short film/documentary Letter (20 minutes). Winner of the Critics prize at Cannes 2012.
A Russia-Germany-Latvia-Belarus production. UK Blu-ray in region B


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