In the Cut (2003)

US Mill Creek Entertainment Blu-ray edition - Region A stated on sleeve but plays region all

I hadn't seen that much of Meg Ryan in films as romantic comedy isn't my thing (yes, she most certainly must
have had performed in other sorts of films also for sure) but i knew her name from the hugely successful films
"Sleepless in Seattle", "You've got mail" and "When Harry met Sally".
With this erotic crime thriller Meg Ryan for sure wanted to do something else than chirpy roles in RomComs.

Jane Campion's film is edgy, arty and dark with atmospheric cinematography plus a shocking dicksucking
scene, for real or not. Meg Ryan gave a fantastic performance in this film. Respect Meg, i love you.
She plays a mousy and gloomy middle-aged writer and teacher/professor and she's lonely and alone, besides
her sister (Jennifer Jason Leigh), and is longing for closeness and sex.

She gets excited when she watches a man in partial shadow getting a blowjob from a woman at the back of a
bar. But, a serial killer is on the loose chopping up women and a part of the victims body is found in her back
yard, and the investigating cop is played by Mark Ruffalo. Whodunit ?

Meg Ryan and Jane Campion were burned at the stake by the stinky public and the critics. People obviously
didn't want to see Meg Ryan topless (she looked fabulous by the way) or that much sex content in a Meg
Ryan film. Apparently she was only to be seen in romantic comedies and not in an erotic thriller.
Meg Ryan was great as Frannie Avery, looked a bit unhappy and lost as normal people often tend to do,
in my eyes she felt very much alive in the role. She's not charming or funny, she's miserable and normal.

Note: What finally stayed in my mind after watching the film was the exquisite NY cinematography and
the un-glamourness of Meg Ryan's role portrayal

The film is presented in widescreen 1.85:1 with english audio DTS HD-MA 2.0 with subtitles. No extras


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