Interpol (Pickup Alley / Der mann, den keiner kannte, 1957)

German Daredo Film Noir Booklet Hardcase Limited 2019 DVD edition

Text written 2021-04-12

A late Film Noirish crime action that's basically a Chase movie, a long chase all over Europe when the US FBI narcotics agent Charles
Sturgis (Victor Mature, as always giving a stiff lifeless performance and just being his unlikeable self, but hey, maybe it was meant
that you should root for the psychopathic killer played by Trevor Howard ? Just like watching any Stephen Seagal movie then).
Agent Sturgis is hunting down the druglord Frank McNally (Trevor Howard) and the chase goes all over the European continent.

The film starts with evil Frank joyfully strangling a woman to death when she makes a phone call. She's also connected to the FBI and
she's making a telephone call to the Police to give information about a drug syndicate when she's killed by Frank. The woman was
the little sister of agent Charles Sturgis, and she had worked for the Bureau too.
Charles Sturgis wants to put a stop to the drug trade (good luck with that ...) and also, probably even more, put a stop to psychopathic
killer and druglord Frank McNally, the man who murdered his sister.

Anita Ekberg as the drug mule and gangster moll Gina Berger

The hottest track leads to London where McNally's closest underling have been seen and Charles goes there. But too late, as Frank's
drugmule and possible girlfriend Gina Berger (Swedish Anita Ekland, but supposedly of Greek nationality here) has shot him when he
tried to rape her. The horny dude dies and Gina now goes to Lisbon, Portugal, and with Charles Sturgis on her tail.
Charles is hunting Frank McNally but doesn't know what he looks like, but Frank knows about Gina being tailed by a narcotics agent
and Frank tails Charles who tails Gina. The hunt continues over Europe - Next stop Rome, Italy.

This late Noir crime-thriller wasn't that good, but the great actor Trevor Howard thrives in the role as psychopatic Frank and he's very
good, charismatic and dangerous. The unlikeable Charles doesn't hesitate shooting an already hit and injured underling to Frank in
the back, and if this was a comedy we would see the nameless underlings friends crying at his funeral lamenting of how he finally had
got a job in the harbour working for a british export-import company.
So, a killer piece of shit FBI agent is chasing a killer piece of shit drug lord.

DVD with film in widescreen 2.35:1 and with an english audio DD 2.0 in black & white, region 2. Extras a trailer, artwork gallery and with
a Booklet with pictures and with text in German only. Supposedly this is a limited hardcover edition


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