In Fabric (2018)

Nordic Nonstop Entertainment - Universal Bluray edition

Fun surrealistic art horror comedy about a haunted red dress made by a demonic fashion house. Visually stunning but absurd from the
director of the 2012 art horror drama "Berberian Sound Studio".

Marianne Jean-Baptiste is great as the unlucky Sheila, the first owner of the red dress in the film. Sheila is a lovable middle-aged black
lady that watches the hypnotic TV commercial about a big sale at the Fashion House of "Dentley and Sopers". With the help of the
strange but sexy shop assistant (Fatima Mohamed) she tries on a nice red dress in size 36, much to small for the delightfully plumpy
Sheila, but mysteriously it seems to fit her perfectly anyway.
Sheila is suspicious of the dress and when she tries to wash it her washing machine explodes. The Dress won't have any of that.

Sheila works at a bank and her discussions with her two quirky bosses are the most funny scenes of the film. In the second part of this
film a washing machine mechanic (Leo Bill) whispers tech lingo and makes people fall in a trance of pleasure.
An absurd horror comedy artmovie that will not tell you what it's about or about what's happening. Is Fatima Mohamed's shop assistant
a witch, a demon, a vampire, an undead or Satan herself ? But it for sure looked visually gorgeous and with a fine ambient soundtrack
from "Cavern of Anti-Matter" and the film was shot in UK, Budapest and in Visegrad.

The Bluray presents the film in widescreen 2.35:1 ratio and with an english DTS-HD MA 5.1 or DD 5.1 audio with swedish subtitles,
region B. No extras but some trailers for other films