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What do i mean with cult movies? I'm thinking mostly of horror and underrated indie films and not known classics
and below i do NOT mean The Ramsay Brothers trash-horror films that for certain are considered Cult Movies.
After many, many years visiting different Bollywood film forums i found something odd - there was NO discussion
or interest about the genre Cult Movies, normally Horror and indie type films, only about Mainstream films.
In the west there's a lively discussion about any type of non-Hollywood action, horror and strange indie film.
There's forums and review sites about any new japanese highschool zombie splatter or German neo-slasher made.
And, it's great to share one's views about these films with other cult film enthusiasts world wide, maybe about an
animated genius argentinian short about a girlband turning into furious Gorgonas and destroying the world.

Gorgonas by Salvador Sanz

But, this discussion about "genre" films seems to be nowhere in the Bollywood film forums as the visitors seems
to be interested only in the most regular and banal mainstream fodder. And not just that, they also often bad-talk
the really interesting maverick directors and genres as horror and thriller films - if it's not Masala, then it's no good.

The Ramsay Brothers - Certified Cult

Beware reading the reviews, strange remarks on IMDB or in forums as the wildly inventive desert-witch-horror film
Kaalo, praised in the west by genre fans, or the genuinely creepy horror Ragini MMS was ignored by the mainstream
Bollywood audiences. Below, some films that could qualify as Cult movies, 7 great films. Some do have a following as
Anurag Kashyap's Gulaal and other as the Amitabh one really is more of a Bollywood Classic than a Cult movie

Kaalo (2010)

Directed and written by Wilson Louis is a hyperkinetic and wildly enjoyable horror filmed in an inventive way with
nice colors, unconventional camera and with lots of energy. A bus is attacked in the middle of the day and in the
middle of a desert. The attacker is a flying Desert Witch with the capacity of super speed and who hits them from
above as well as from underground tunnels. The film feels very original and energetic and received a prize at a
south african film festival and some nice reviews in the west from the very few that has seen it.
Well .... needless to say it was ignored or slaughtered among Bollywood film fans. A fun and snappy horror that
tries to entertain you, what's not to like ?

Don (1978)

Not ignored but a certified and beloved Cult Classic among all. The Tall one is in great form in this action-comedy
and Zeenat Aman could well be the most gorgeous Bollywood actress of all time

1920 (2008)

Not ignored maybe this either as the horror fans who've seen it seems to like it. A great Gothic horror with a lot of
visual style and athmospheric in the way of Mario Bava meets The Exorcist and The Entity, and Adah Sharma
gives her everything in the role and succeeds in being genuinely scary. One of the few great Bollywood Horrors

How do you know then if a Bollywood Horror film is good or not?

Not easy to find out as, unfortunately, Bollywood Horror film won't be discussed in any Film Forums as only
the stupidest mainstream masala type of films will be discussed there and as 9 out of 10 indian film reviewers
seems to have their head stuck up far into their Masala asses and can not be trusted in their idiot ramblings.
You have to find a film fan on some site that you can trust. Someone in synch with your own film taste. I am
not sure, but the Indian filmfans that do like the new brave Bollywood cinema may be mostly foreign based ?


Hypnotic and Genius artmovie crime-drama Masterpiece about chaos, violence and political separatism in Rajasthan.
A volcano of filmic creativity and Bollywood New Wave filmmaking has exploded in Anurag Kashyap, the Orson
Welles of indian filmmaking. Naturally only a few got it as the film still today (september 2015 when i write this) is
criminally ignored or underrated by the Asshole reviewers that instead hail Garbage as PK .... yuck. Well, luckily
only India seem to have these cretins writing reviews.They seem to have absolutely no cinematic education or know-
ledge at all these poor idiots and the west still seems to know Nothing about this forgotten Kashyap masterpiece.
Otherwise Anurag Kashyap films actually are shown regularly at western film festivals and in Cannes.
The actors in Gulaal are phenomenal and the music by Piyush Mishra fantastic

Ragini MMS (2011)

Something quite unique in Bollywood Cinema, a horror film that's actually horrific. It's genuinely scary and that witch
was really, really Nasty .... I'm not a witch, i didn't kill my children, this is MY house!

Satya (1998)

A Crime movie Masterpiece from Ram Gopal Varma and a Bollywood update of the Scarface saga

Not A Love Story (2011)

Ramu again, and this time with one of the most forgotten and underrated films of this century. With his best film
since Satya he was flushed down the toilet by the Backwards indian film public and the Assholes reviewers.
An Intense experimental Crime-Drama with fantastic actors and enourmous Raw Power and naturally Ramu
was ignored by the ignorant mass who prefer mainstream fodder. OK, this film is arthouse, but should have been
recognized and hailed by film critics, but .... indian film critics are ... eeh, indian film critics.
Unfortunately western audiences don't seem to know about this gem either.
Seems like RGV is back and with a roar - said Anurag Kashyap on the DVD cover, but NO One listened,
and then Anurag Kashyap should be someone you listen too, but Noooo, not the indian film critics


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