La India María (Edicion especial 4 disc edition, 1972-1981)

Us Laguna Films 4 disc DVD edition


A Great Collection of 4 Maria Elena Velasco movies as La India Maria (or María Nicolasa Cruz)

Disc 1 - El miedo no anda en burro (1976) Direction: Fernando Cortés

In this the 5th India María movie María is a housemaid that has to take care of a rich dog who has inherited everything from
it's old owner, and where the nasty and miserly heirs enthusiastically tries to murder both María and the dog.
In one of the rich dogs mansions she encounters a one-eyed ghost servant (Wally Barron) and vampyres, crocodiles and a
big frog. 4:3 fullscreen, mono, spanish audio without any english subtitles

Disc 2 - Tonta, tonta pero no tanto (1972) Direction: Fernando Cortés and co-script

The first India María film where María leaves her home village of San José de los Burros, her parents and her buddy the donkey
Philemon to work as a housemaid for a rich lady in Mexico City. As soon as she arrives she gets robbed already at the station,
she gets into a fight with some rough market women, being accused of a juwellery therft, is thrown into jail, and ... she's met
with contempt and racism because of being an indian. But, she also meets kind people, appears on television, solves a crime
mystery and wins a donkey race.

There were some dark streaks here (as the white racism introduced by the spanish invaders once) but also many funny moments
as when María tried to bring her donkey Philemon with her on the train.
4:3 fullscreen, mono, spanish audio without any english subtitles

Disc 3 - La Presidenta municipal (1975) Direction: Fernando Cortés

In the 4th film in the series our India María N. Cruz by mistake is elected Mayor of Chipitongo El Alto, and this because the name
of the true winner, Marian Cruz, has been misspelled on the ballots. Surprised María takes the position for the party R.I.P. for
three years and immediately she's attacked by the furious Marian Cruz, but no worries she comes out unscathed from any
dangerous situation. Also in this film India María sings and dance a little and she also appears as a Matadora (with a bull
fighting body double very obvious). Some politics in this film. 4:3 fullscreen, mono, spanish audio without any english subtitles

Disc 4 - OK, Mister Pancho (1981) Direction: Gilberto Martínez S. and María Elena Velasco

The 9th film of the series and India Mará lives on a ranch with Panchito, Philemon the donkey, two apes, a cow and a parrot,
when a small airplane crashes. She nurses the wounded pilot, the Gringo Frankie, and she falls in love. Aaah, our María is in love.
Frankie talks María into taking "medicine" to his sick mother in Houston, but actually it's diamonds and he's a diamond smuggler.
So, carrying a monkey and a turkey with her and without any money or a passport she doesn't get a Visa to the United States
of America and has to enter, passing the border illegaly. Ha, ha, Velasco jokes a bit tragicomical about poor mexicans ways of
entering the rich neighbouring country in the north. She meets a horny dwarf (what?) and an Apache wants her as his squaw.

4:3 fullscreen, mono, spanish audio without any english subtitles


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