US Miramax DVD edition

A very fine, suspenseful and visually beautiful Italian thriller drama that takes place in southern Italy in 1978.
A group of children are playing in the fields of wheat and the 10 year old boy Michele Amitrano (Giuseppe Christiano, very good in
his first film role) finds a metal hatch, opens it and below he sees a captured boy. The locked-in boy, Filippo (Mattia Di Pierro) is at
the same age as him. The poor boy is half-blind, dirty and chained to the wall, but still, Michele in a childs irrational way keeps the
secret about the boy for himself. Michele visits the boy often, feeds him, talk with him and he even brings the boy up from the hole
to play. But Michele somehow understands that there must be people responsible for lockig the boy up, and that his contacts with
the boy in the hole could put himself in danger.

For some unfathomable reason this film is obscure and i don't know of anyone that has seen it. But it was a very good thriller.

Anamorphic widescreen 2.35:1 ratio, 5.1, italian audio with english subtitles

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