I'm a Cyborg (but that's OK) 2006

UK Tartan Video Blu-ray edition

2006 or 2007 Hong Kong CN Entertainment DVD edition

A charming and beautiful surrealistic fantasy, drama and comedy, genre defying in the same colorful and visually exciting style
that Park used in his 3rd revenge film, Sympathy for Lady Vengeance. This film was made when the Golden Korean film era still
was ongoing (this is my subjective view and nothing widely used) appr. 1998-2008 and almost like the japanese 1995-2005 when a
wave of unhinged and great often genre defying films emanated from these countries. The days of such explosive creativity
are unfortunately long gone, even though in South Korea Bong Joon-ho still rocks and in Japan Miike occasionally delivers.

Lim or Im Soo-jung is great in Cyborg and she had already acted in a film with an international genre loving audience, in the 2003
A Tale of Two Sisters by Kim Je-woon. At that time i had my Film Shop Strange Things and this horror tale was one of my most
sold films. I remember that at the time many of Park's fans (due to the Revenge trilogy) felt disappointed with this film, as it was
Not what one had expected to see. To be honest i was one of them, but only during the 1st half of the film, then i was hooked to
this unique and odd tale, and - if only, IF ONLY Park Chan-wook would do something as fresh and original as Cyborg, or his
amazing but mostly unknown experiment 2011 Night Fishing AGAIN. Please Mr. Park treat us with something this great again.

Young woman Cha Young-goon (Im Soo-jung) is committed to a Mental Hospital because she believes herself to be a Cyborg
and therefore can't eat. She can speak to machines and one day she will fulfill the order of her deranged grandmother, to kill the
white one's, the medical staff. In some cool scenes she can change herself into a machine gun and kill all hospital staff.
She meets another patient, young guy Park Il-soon (Rain or Jung Ji-hoon) who wears a rabbit mask and plays table tennis,
and there is some sort of friendship or romance between them. It's sweet and beautiful.

The Blu-ray presented the film in anamorphic widescreen 1.77:1 with a korean audio DTS-HD MA or DD 5.1 and english subs
Extras: Making of featurette (8 minutes with subtitles), a Music Video, teaser and trailer and a great 62 minutes long interview with
director Park Chan-wook (2007, London) through translator Chi-Yun Shin.

YES! A 62 minutes long interview where Park talks about his films, why and how he made them, a great conversation (but the
interviewer didn't ask about Park's astonishing short moviethe 2003 NEPAL


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