I Love Maria (Tie jia wudi ma Li ya/Roboforce, 1988)

Hong Kong Panorama Corporation Ltd. 2021 DVD edition

Finally, last year 2021 this trash nonsense masterpiece was released on a Hong Kong Blu-ray, and also in this re-mastered ? DVD edition.
I remember i had this film on a really early Hong Kong letterboxed DVD, some 20 years ago, and i may have had it also on an old VHS,
but this film have been "gone" for 2 decades until 2021. Finally, i could watch the lovely Sally Yeh as a fighting robot again, YES!

Also legendary Golden era filmmaker Tsui Hark in one of his acting performances as ex-Hero Gang gangster Xu or Whiskey, John Sham
a maker of weapons for the police, a young Tony Leung (Little Tony, not Ka-Fai) as a journalist, Sally Yeh (the
Taiwanese born
and Hong Kong singer) in a double role as the Evil Maria of the Hero Gang and the fighter robot Maria, and in a small role
Mr. Vampire, Lam Ching Ying as a rebellious member of the Hero Gang and the master of Xu.

The Story:

A reporter, Zhuang (Tony Leung Chiu Wai) wonders why the Hong Kong police has sealed off a zone in the city. They are fighting
the Killer Robot Pioneer One of the evil Hero Gang. Their leader (Ben Lam) has declared war on the city and another member of the
gangster gang is the evil Maria (Sally Yeh in a double role).
Curly makes secret weapons for the police and he somehow becomes a buddy of ex Hero Gang member Whiskey, but the Robot
Master of the Gang sends the killer robot Maria to kill them. But, Curly manages to turn Maria to be their robot instead, and then
it's robot war and much trashy mayhem follows.

Your brain may get some serious damage watching this film, but it is FUN for sure (but i'm an idiot so ....).
Ching Siu Tung choreographed and directed the action scenes.

The film was presented in anamorphic widescreen with cantonese audio DD and with english subtitles, trailer and a card insert as extra


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