Il Mostro di Venezia (The Embalmer / The Monster of Venice, 1965)

Italian Sinister Film 2019 DVD edition

Yes, a low-budgeted Italian B horror that felt like a German Krimi movie to me and "Das Gasthaus an der Themse" (Inn on the River, 1962) had a
frogman with a harpoon in it. OK, The Monster of Venice may not be very good but an Italian horror in black & white from 1965 can't be all that
bad as it was made at the beginning of the Mediterranean golden era with Italian and Spanish horrors, gialli and westerns.
And this film has it's pluses too, as a Frogman using the Venice canals to attack lonely women strolling home alone at night. He climbs up and grabs
them, dives down and brings them to his underground catacomb lair, where he continues to embalm their bodies for keeping in his collection as dolls.
The perp dresses up in a monk's black cloak and carries a skeleton mask and reaches street level by using some hidden stairs.

The ending of this film was kinda cool with the fight down in the catacombs, with the lair, the skeletons and the murderer in his skeleton mask.
Atmosphere there, but otherwise the film was somewhat uneventful. Kudos to the crazy idea of a frogman abducting people into the canals.

Grace (Anita Todesco)

Andrea (Luigi Martocci alias Gin Mart) is journalist and crime reporter and interested in the case of the missing Venice women, and a group
of female tourists is led by his girlfriend Maureen (Maureen Lidgard Brown). A tourist professor is interested in the Venice catacombs and
starts sleuthing on his own and one of the tourist girls, Grace (Anita Todesco) rides a packed gondol at night without fear of being attacked.

The DVD presents the film in 1.78:1 widescreen ratio, black & white, and with an Italian audio mono WITHOUT English subtitles
Extras only a photo gallery and a trailer


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