Illang: The Wolf Brigadev(2018)

A Netflix film

Unbelievably BAD Kim Je-woon Live movie adaption of anime master Mamoru Oshii's 1999 Jin Roh, but transferred to a future South
Korea. Rotten sci-fi action and empty as a deflated balloon and with a hilariously idiotic shoot-out in the Seoul sewers ending this mess.

The year is 2024 and there are violent protest against the re-unification of North and South Korea. The Secret Service is working for a
coup d' état with the help from terror group The Sect and foreign countries. The Government has a secret unit - The Wolf Brigade, and
Im jung-kyung is their No. 1 soldier and he carries the unit's special black body armour and a mask with red glowing eyes. BAAAAAD!

What Happened to Kim Je-woon .... and to some other of my once favourite film director's ?

Hollywoodification ? All contact with the Turd Making industry will guaranteed suck the life and talent out of any director flewn in from
different corners of the world. All contact with hipsters of the Tarantino type will give the same result. OK, not that Quentin Tarantino
only make bad films, he's made some good one's, but he's from the US and his style works for him. But his "hip influence" is poison for asian
director's. They try to adapt. To what imagined "hip" western kids want to see and the result is the same every time, they lose their own style.

The Wild unique genius of Takashi Miike .... met Tarantino .... made TURD noodle western, and his great years as a filmmaker was over.

Alexandre Aja, french director, made the great horror Haute Tension, went to Hollywood, met assholes and then only made PUKE

Kim Je-woon, maybe once my second favourite South Korean film director, next to Park Chan-wook only, started out with the deliciously
quirky The Quiet Family, and then the likewise funny and quirky The Foul King, both with a unique Korean style to them, and without any
consideration to the western viewers. Then followed the great A Tale of Two Sisters, the film that made him known to western audiences,
and in 2005 the stylish gangster movie A Bittersweet Life, and then the fun was over.
Now he had to make a neo-spaghetti western also and the super ROTTEN The Good, The Bad, The Weird spread it's stench in cinemas.
Yes, Hollywood followed too with the expected result (and an admittedly OK segment to the interesting Doomsday Book anthology film)
before he with this Jin Roh adaption has hit a new low in his filmmaking.

Okja - Netflix

Park Chan-wook went to Hollywood to and made the slick but BAD Stoker, however, this film has divided the viewers and some of his many
fans do think Park did't sell out with this slightly Brian De Palma-esque thriller. I hated it, but ....
Park returned to Korea with the amazing experimental iPhone made mystery Night Fishing in 2011 and the slick The Handmaiden in 2016.

Bong Joon-ho then ?

The great director behind such gems as Memories of Murder, The Host and the Masterpiece - Mother. How did he manage the meeting with
Hollywood ? Well, better than the above 2 actually and Bong seems to be quite unscathed after contact with the western virus.
Snowpiercer the dystopian sci fi thriller in 2013 and 2017 Netflix produced Okja, some sort of sci-fi fantasy drama thriller .... maybe. Hard to
define but easy to like and with really well made CGI, just look at that super pig.

It's a family film, about cynical corporations and with a somewhat dystopian look at the future, but it's a bit quirky too, and funny. Unique
and one of the best Netflix movies i've seen. Maybe Bong Joon-ho can make it ? Make it in Hollywood and make films on his own terms,
without coke snorting asshole producers fucking his work up. Cudos to Netflix letting Bong do his thing


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