US Wicked Pixel Image Entertainment 2 disc DVD edition

Disc 1: The Film -

Hypnotic and ambitious flow of images in a combined Bizarro Eraserhed-Lynchian Horror Fantasy Art Movie shot on Super 8 mm.

A man receives a box from a Demon. Alison (Ramona Midgett) has committed suicide and is contacted by a Spirit before her passage
to the other side. But first, it's about a Magician and his apprentice who has travelled to another dimension, a nightmare world where
he murders and decides about re-incarnation anyway he wants, and Alison is ordered to get there and put a end to his (DJ Vivona)
reign of terror.

Yes, it's exactly as you think, a lot of idiotic Mumbo Jumbo, yak, yak and even more yak, BUT as the Talented Eric Stanze was behind it
this film also was an experimental and interesting vision of a nightmare world and with a great soundtrack with a mix of indierock and
industrial sounds, and finally a fascinating watch.

4:3 fullscreen original ratio, english audio 2.0 stereo, Two separate audio commentaries, one with Eric Stanze and DJ Vivona, and one with
producer Wallace and Ramona Midgett. Filmed in black & white and color

Disc 2:
Documentary "On Thin Ice-The Making of Ice From the Sun - a dangerously experimental punk art film" (78 min), recording of the
music score, audition footage, film facts, picture gallery, music videos: Dead Bugs - Slugs are in My House, Analogue Sattelite - Faith in
Nothing, Curveball - Pile of Junk, Previews

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