Hydra (2019)

US Well Go USA Entertainment Blu-ray edition - Region A stated on sleeve but played region all


Japanese f
ighting action where a cook, Takashi Sato (Masanori Mimoto) once worked as a killer in the Organization,
professional killers that take out perverts and other unwanted social elements. They want Takashi back and a rival
killer kidnaps Takashis's employer and friend Rina (Miu) and challenges Takashi for a fight to the death.
Bad Guys vs. Bad Guys is not that engaging perhaps and this films plot sounds a lot like the film "Shimauma" and
they could well be based on the same manga, but with Hydra being the better one.

Film presented in anamorphic widescreen with japanese audio DTS-HD MA 5.1 or 2.0 with english subtitles, trailer