How To Use Guys With Secret Tips (2013)

Korean D & C Entertainment edition DVD

Another gloomy day coming up for poor Yo

South Korea show us how to do romantic comedy that's smart and delightfully eccentric. This film industry for
sure know how to make 1. effective romantic comedies and 2. crime-thrillers/action.
Choi/Yo Bo-na is a 30-ish something second art director at an ad agency, an advertising woman single without
a loved one and who's harassed by her slacker boss. She's ignored by her coworkers and she's constantly
suppressed in her career at the agency by her less qualified colleagues. She's down, her days are miserable.

When her agency makes a commercial with the egotistical filmstar diva Lee Seung-jae, then it's Yo who makes
it work, but, as usual without getting any credit for her work from the incompetent coworkers or her boss.
She has worked hard and falls asleep and when she wakes it's evening and the filmcrew has left her behind on
the beach and she has to find her way back to Seoul on her own. Another really, really bad day for Yo?
No, the times they're a changing .... in the middle of nowhere she spots a strange little shop where an even
stranger man sells self help manuals from a truck.

Park Young-syu's salesman

Yo buys the videocassette "How to use guys with secret tips" and soon luck is coming her way.
The New Yo gets the blame for losing the whole commercial shoot they made on the beach with the filmstar.
Can she do the impossible and avoid getting sacked from the ad agency, and somehow lure the troublesome
filmdiva Lee to do a complete Re-Shoot of the commercial. Is this a suicide mission or will Yo, even though
she's only a second art-director, get the chance to direct the movie herself, and will there be romance ?

Lee Si-young is very good in the role as Choi/Yo and Oh Jung-se is genuinely funny as the egotistical but
at the bottom (far down) goodhearted slumping filmstar.
anamorphic widescreen 2.35:1, korean 5.1 sound with english subtitles, insert sheet. Extras without subtitles:
Behind the scenes, alternate scenes, interviews, trailer and TV spots

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