The House on Tombstone Hill (The Dead Come Home, 1988)

US Vinegar Syndrome Blu-ray and DVD 2 disc edition

A very obscure late 1980's B-grade Slasher horror that surprised me a lot as it wasn't just trashy fun (and i certainly like these
forgotten 1980's movies too) but actually very good. It was super Fun to watch and it toyed a little with the genre conventions
with a House in the Woods filled with Ectoplasm and with the Living Dead.
The film had a great setting with the creepy looking old house, good gore effects and it was also nicely shot, all this making
this forgotten film a fine B movie and not a C grade one. And, let's not forget - a 1980's B horror is Always better than an A one.

The House in the Woods filled with Ectoplasm and with the Living Dead

The film starts with an intro from 1948 and a man is murdered in the Leatherby House and an old lady and a girl is watching.
1988 Today: A group of seven youngsters arrives to an abandoned and dilapidated looking old house in the woods. One of
them has bought it and they plan to renovate it and has brought tools with them.
But, an old creepy looking lady is roaming around in the big house and they are rude to her. Obnoxious and unlikeable they
are (never a good option when being in a horror film, aah yes, being horny is a bad option too) and soon they find themselves
to be mysteriously locked into the house. Whatever they do the windows or doors won't budge and let them out.

And even worse, soon they start to die in horrible ways and with, even though low-budgeted still pretty innovative gore.
Mark, Joey, Steve, Linda, Bob, Jamie and Ron plus two extra teenagers joining the unlucky crowd in the house.

Vinegar Syndrome presents the bluray in 1.85:1 widescreen and with DTS-HD MA english mono audio with english subs,
region ALL and with a DVD version too. With a turnable sleeve too (but that looked terrible so avoid that one).

Interviews with actors Mark Zobian, Victor Verhaeghe and Douglas Gibson (29 minutes, 2018)
Audio interview with director James Riffel (42 minutes, 2018)
Behind the scenes still gallery


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