The House on Straw Hill (Exposé / Trauma, 1975)

German Schröder Media - Savoy Film 2020 DVD edition

Udo Kier plays the role of successful author Paul Martin. He lives in a country house, has an old lady as a house-keeper and has a lot of sex
with his red-haired girlfriend Susanne (Fiona Richmond). Paul wears plastic surgeon gloves during sex, freaks out and suffers from strange
and horrific visions ... or rememberances. He's writing his new novel "Straw Summer" and he really has to concentrate, so he asks his girlfriend
to leave and then Paul hires a girl, Linda (Linda Hayden) a secretary to help him type the novel down.

Linda, the secretary, undresses frequently and masturbates and snoops around a lot, almost as she has some scheme of her own.

Linda Hayden

When she masturbates lying in a field she's raped by 2 locals and she shoots them with their shotgun. She kills them calmly and
then other people are killed off. What's her plan besides being nude, masturbate and having sex ?

Linda Hayden made some impact in 1970 Blood on Satans Claw and i wrote about her when watching this UK horror classic some 2 years ago,
"A big plus is the charisma and beauty of young Linda Hayden,
she's great as the evil devil worshipping girl Angel (and she was only 17 years
old when filming this)". The House on Straw Hill is certainly not a UK horror classic but it has got a LOT of Linda Hayden, a very nasty knife
killing and another weird role character played by the Great Udo Kier. Good or Bad doesn't matter, Udo Kier is Udo Kier and a cult legend.

The German DVD presents the film in 1.66:1 anamorphic wide ratio and with an DD 2.0 English audio, region 2. Only a trailer in german as extra

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