Crime action in a late Film Noir style and visually gorgeous shot in Cinemascope and in Color.
Filmed in Post-War Tokyo with lots of interesting environments.

The shady ex-military and gangster Eddie Spanier (Robert "The Untouchables" Stack) arrives to Japan invited by his
friend Webber, who however have been murdered by his partners during a bank robbery.
He gets involved with Sandy Dawson (Robert Ryan, the magnificent) the leader of a gang of gangsters, consisting
of all westerners, ex-military .... Yeah, that would make it hard for the Japanese police to crack the case, really ....
With an exciting and unusual ending shoot-out.

Anamorphic widescreen 2.35:1, english audio mono, color. Extra: a Commentary with film scholars James Ursini
and Alain Silver, trailer, insert info sheet, Fox Movietone News (short clips from journals 3 min), english subs