Hommage (Omaju, 2021)

South Korean 12 DVD edition , region 3



Aah, yes, a fine artmovie mystery drama from the talented woman behind great films as i.a. 2013 "Pluto" and 2015 "Madonna".
Hommage (Omaju) is about the middle-aged Kim Ji-wan (Lee Jung-eun) an indie filmmaker who has made three films, her
latest titled "Ghost Man", that almost no-one wants to see. Both she and her poor troubled producer Se Young (adorable
Ko Seo-hee) worries about this fact and that Se Young probably will not ever again manage to raise any money for Ji Wan,
with no more films from Ji Wan and with the producer soon to be an ex-producer.

Also Ji Wan's husband Sang-woo (Kwon Hae-hyo) and her in his late teens son Bo Ram (Tang Joon-sang) worries and
constantly nags her about earning no money to help the family.
Then she's offered a job from some Film Institute, a project that will not pay well and with a meagre limited budget, naturally,
but a meaningful project it is. To restore the forgotten 1960's film "A Woman Judge" made by the female director Hong
Jae-won, a film about the first female judge in South Korea, and about to open a Film Festival.

Ji Wan starts her work with a small crew and soon finds out that some sound and parts of the film are missing and she
sleuths around looking for people that were involved with the making of the film and who's still alive, and she's looking
for the missing parts. During this detective work Ji Wan can't help noticing that the story of the old film and the mysterious
life of the director mirrors her own life. Also the tragic suicide of one of Ji Wan's neighbours somehow may be connected.
Charismatic old lady Lee Joo-sil plays the editor of "A Woman Judge". Fine Art Movie Mystery Drama

Film presented in anamorphic widescreen 2.39:1 with korean audio and with english subtitles, trailer as only extra


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