En las Afueras de la Ciudad (Hidden in the Woods, 2012)

US Artsploitation Films DVD; sleeve left and booklet right


Text below written 2017-01-05


Shocking Chilean backwoods horror, or "At the outskirts of town" horror maybe (direct translation of the original title)
that caused a furor among the genre film crowd when shown in 2012 due to it's VERY unpleasant subject, incest and
murder. For some strange reason this film has got a very poor rating on the IMDB and i don't know why ?
This film rocked. An orgy of blood and with a tremendous PULSE to it. Sure, a bit trashy but also sometimes funny
and with Grand Guignol qualities when the director pours out the blood and gore.

Is this film Misogynistic ? I don't know, but the mistreated girls in this film are the Good Guys/Girls, even though they're
cannibals, and we cheer for them when they fight to survive. All Men in this film are PIGS, demons from hell, they rape,
kill, grunts and swears a lot (and overacts deliriously) and they do get their comeuppances, and turned up to 10 that is.
The film starts in a DARK fucked up family drama way with abuse and incest, turns into an escape drama-horror and
finally turns into a blood orgy, with the last scenes comical in it's hysterical family re-union. Don't take it too seriously,
it's delirious, nasty and fun. Cannibal Girls in the Woods vs. Bad Guys, could this be a new sub-genre to horror films ?

Anny (Carolina Escobar) and in the background as the victim tourist director Patricio Valladares

This film takes place in the woods at the outskirts of some Chilean town and it's about drug criminals and a seriously
dysfunctional family. The start of the film is shocking - Beware!
El hombre nero, the Boogeyman, that's Felipe (Daniel Antevilo) as the Father from Hell. This demon is a lowly member
of Mr. Castelo's (Francois Soto) drug gang and he hides Castelo's drugs somewhere in the woods. Hidden in the woods
- the US title could mean this hidden drugs or the children hiding there.
Felipe has killed his wife and then continued living in a hut in the woods with his 2 girls, Ana and Anny, which he rapes.
Yes, that's NASTY and was too much even for the genre crowd. Anny gets pregnant and a deformed child, Manuel is
locked away in a shed. 12 years later (2010) 2 cops arrive to check out the family and then the trio can escape Felipe.

Ana (Siboney Lo), Anny (Carolina Escobar) and Manuel (José Hernández) takes refuge in a hut in the mountains, their
demon father ends up in jail and Costelo sends armed underlings to hunt them for info about the hidden drugs.
Ana is the leader of the trio as Anny is slightly retarded and Manuel is seriously retarded and disfigured, and she starts
selling sex to get money for food .... but the food problem is soon solved in another way.
Siboney Lo and Carolina Escobar are beautiful and acts very well in this film, so does Daniel Antevilo as the nasty Felipe
but the other actors hams it up deliriously, they scream, swears and grunts a lot (machismo going overdrive)

widescreen 1.78:1, spanish audio 5.1 with english subtitles. Extras: Making of Hidden in the Woods (21 minutes) in
spanish with subs, interview with Patricio Valladares (4 minutes) spanish with subs, clap clips, original trailer (a trailer that
shows almost everything that happens in the film, idiotic), bloopers (13 minutes, a hidden extra, click on trailers text),
trailers for some other Artsploitation films, a Booklet and a turnable sleeve


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