Heathers (1988)

UK Arrow Video 2018 Blu-ray edition - The 30th Anniversary

The High-School movie that became a beloved Cult Classic with it's satire and parody of the usually too chirpy and nice teenager in
school movies. But the older youngsters who attend College or University have for sure been slaughtered by knife wielding psycho's
in countless of 1980's Slashers, or if you were a female pranked by sex hungry nerds or peeped on when taking a shower after Gym.

"Heathers" is a true Cult Movie and a cult movie for actual teenagers, every generation will surely discover it.
I remember watching it in the early 1990's on a VHS and the swedish title was, i think, - "Häxor, läxor och dödliga lektioner" a weird
title as it had almost nothing to do with the film, but it sounded cool (in Swedish that is) and snappy (translated "Witches, homework
and deadly lessons") and there were no witches in it as i remember, and no deadly lessons either.

The film is slightly off-beat and unusual and you for sure remember it. And, Christian Slater and Winona Ryder has a great chemistry and
both gives great performances. They had Star Quality that's for sure and they were on their way to big things and the next decennium
belonged to them, the 1990's and also Shannen Doherty became a star, in TV series


Winona Ryder on the sleeve of the DVD edition

Regarding the extras, it's great with an audio commentary with the director, producer and the writer, but you wonder why the two big
stars of the film, cult actors as Christian Slater and Winona Ryder, didn't want to do a commentary. This blu-ray release came in 2018
and the extras were made ... ? Maybe they were to costly to use or didn't have the time ? Too bad, i loved these actors. Winona Ryder,
every guy in the world, including Johnny Depp, must've been in love with her, and Slater he was cool in John Woo's "Broken Arrow"
and very good in Tony Scotts fantastic 1993 "True Romance".

The Story: Westerburg High School -

The beautiful and popular A-student Veronica (Ryder) hangs out with the elite clique of snotty and rich girls, Heathers, where the
leader is the obnoxious Heather Chandler (Kim Walker). They are mean and Veronica starts to get tired of their antics, and then she
meets the mysterious and handsome transfer student J.D. (Slater). With her new rich mad-at-his father boyfriend she enters the anti-
social phase of her young life, and they kill of Heather as a start, but J.D. has bigger plans and he's a psychopath that must be stopped

The film in widescreen 1.85:1 with an english audio 5.1 DTS-HD or 2.0 or 1.0 mono with english subtitles, region B. Extras:

Audio commentary with director Michael Lehmann, producer Denise Di Novi and writer Daniel Waters,
Lehmann's Terms: a newly filmed interview with director Michael Lehmann, Pizzicato Croquet: Composer David Newman and director
Michael Lehmann discusses the music of Heathers, How Very: The art and design of Heathers - the production designer John Hutman,
art director Kara Lindstrom and Michael Lehmann discuss the look of Hethers, Casting Westerburg High: Casting director Julie Selzer
discusses the casting process of Heathers, Poor Little Heather: a new interview with actress Lisanne Falk, Scott and Larry and Dan and
Heathers: Interview between sreenwriter team Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski and Heathers screenwriter Daniel Waters,
The Big Bowie Theory: a newly filmed appreciation by writer, actor and comedian John Ross Bowie, Return to Westerburg High: an
archival featurette, The Beaver Gets a Boner - a 1985 student film by Michael Lehmann, Original trailers, reversible sleeve


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