Happy Bhag Jayegi (2016)

India Eros Entertainment DVD

Diana Penty as the feisty runaway bride Happy

A Bollywood farcical comedy ? That doesn't sound too promising as this for sure isn't my favourite genre among the
different Mumbai Dreamland's genres. Usually there's too much slapstick and actors shrieking their lines to suit my taste.
BUT, sometimes it works due to the excellence of an actor/actress, as Kangana Ranaut in Tanu Weds Manu Returns
or to the charm to such a one. In the latter case as in this film to the performance of Diana Penty, she's a delight to watch
in Happy Bhag Jayegi, and carries this film on her shoulders even though veteran Piyush Mishra is funny too.

Yes, as a former top model she's gorgeous, naturally, but that's normal with Bollywood actresses as most seem to come
from the world of beauty pageants and modelling, but only a few has that charisma that enlights the screen. Kangana has
it and Diana Penty too it seems, after watching this film (and this one was only her 2nd film). She has a sparkle to her and
feels very much Alive, and in every scene without her the film lulls a little and you want her to re-appear as fast as possible.
Hopefully this is due to her acting- and cinematic IT- talents and not just a lucky happenstance. Future will tell, but i think
she will be a big filmstar if she continues with her acting

Bilal and Happy bickering in Lahore

Run Happy ... Run! The film starts with a wedding between the aspiring politician and possible gangster boss Bagga
(Jimmy Shergill) and Happy (Diana Penty) but before the marriage act the bride to be flees through jumping from a window.
Her beloved one, Guddu (Ali Fazal) was supposed to get her but instead she lands in a truck and taken to Godknowwhere,
and that is the residence of ex-governor Javed Ahmed and his son Bilal (Abhay Deol) in Lahore, Pakistan.
And now much comedy and farce ensues when Bilal, groomed to be a top politician but who really only wants to play
cricket, tries to help re-unite the runaway bride with her lover without his father and the pakistani authorities getting to know
about the illegally in Pakistan entering Happy.
Piyush Mishra is funny in the role as a pakistani cop thinking he's got a chance of catching a long-legged indian spy

Happy driving

Happy and Guddu

But Piyush Mishra's cop Uusmann is really a nice guy and Bilal takes him with him and goes to Amritsar in the search
for Guddu, and also Bilal's fiancée Zoya (Momal Sheikh) supports their mission.
In Amritsar the furious Bagga plans to get his hands on Happy and her father loads his shotgun and plans to end her life,
and when they get to hear about her whereabouts, they all go to Lahore on a Happy Hunt.
Will this enjoyable romantic comedy end with Happy's gory death or with a happy end, what do you think?
Anamorphic widescreen, 5.1 or 2.0 hindi audio with english subtitles. No extras

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