Han Gong-ju (2013)

UK Third Window Films Blu-ray

Another much praised south korean teenage drama about the poor High School girl Han Gong-ju, very well
played by Chun Woo-hee who portrays the struggling and traumatized girl with a touching and quiet dignity.
Strong drama and social commentary from Lee Su-jin another great hope for the future South Korean film, and
as you can see on the Blu-ray cover, Martin Scorsese hails the film, and that's some quality guarantee. Even though
i'm not that a big Fan about his films i just Love him as a true film enthusiast and for his great efforts in finding and
restoring old film classics and for pushing all films truly great but forgotten. He's a true film lover with great taste.

Teenager student Han Gong-ju arrives to her new school in Incheon after changing school in midterm. Her old
teacher from Seoul, Mr. Lee (Jo Dae-hee) escorts her on the trip and look to that she's gets a lodging in the new
town, with his mother, the store owner Ms. Cho (charismatically played by Lee Young-lan).
I really like the role figure of Ms. Cho, she's a bit grumpy and suspicious of why Gong-ju shifts towns in midterm,
is she pregnant?, but slowly her attitude against the girl softens and some sort of friendship develops.
She seems a bit harsh but enjoys life and having a lot of sex in her middle-age as a mistress to a married policeman
and in a strangely fascinating scene she's attacked by some enraged women. Poor Ms. Cho ? No, she's a really
tough cookie and shrugs it off, and this incident just makes her and the girl to come closer, as mother and daughter.

Han Gong-ju, The Girl, has a mother that want nothing to do with her and an alcoholic bum of a father. She's a
lonely girl and keeps to herself in her new school, but there's a girl, Eun-hee (Jung In-sun) who tries to contact her
and finally, distrusting Gong-ju submits to Eun-hee's friendliness and she starts to hang out with her and some of her
other class-mates. But something BAD has happened to Han Gong-ju, we understand that, but just what ?

The film have a flashback system where we get to see her and her friend back in Seoul, Hwa-ok (Kim So-young)
and the happenings that led to the catastrophe. Will poor Han Gong-ju be admitted a new chance in life or will
the past and the common Badwill of Man overtake and destroy her ?
anamorphic widescreen, korean audio DTS HD 5.1 with english subtitles. Extra: Trailer and a short film: Enemy's
Apple (21 minutes from 2007) about an absurd situation evolving between a rioter and a police man

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