Graveyard Shift (1986-1987)

German Mr. Banker Films DVD 2018 edition (with reversible sleeve due to the censor FSK sticker)


A slightly arty low budget indie horror that's somewhat ambitious with it's vampire tale. It's too dark as it takes place mostly during the night
with the Taxi driver Stephen Tsepes (Michael A. Miranda under alias Silvio Oliviero) roaming the NY streets in search for prey, but it has some
grittyness to it (like Abel Ferrara's Driller Killer) and Graveyard Shift is not at all a bad little vampire flick.

But note, that this edition could've been better as it's too dark and also with a 4:3 fullscreen ratio presentation

A New York stripper (Sugar Bouche) has obviously turned into a vampire and she attacks and bites a man. Why?
She's only one of the women who has been bitten by the taxi driver Stephen Tsepes, the man causing the vampire plague to spread in NY.
Stephen is a smooth vampire and the women he drives in his cab more or less succumbs voluntarily to his blood thirst.

One night he drives the unhappy filmmaker Michelle (Helen Papas), a woman married to an unfaitful husband and also with a medical
diagnose that she only has a couple of more months to live. She falls for the soft-spoken vampire charmer and he starts to court her.
Meanwhile her husband Eric (Cliff Stokes) starts to wonder about the handsome cab driver and the NY police closes in also.

This DVD is presented in 1.33:1 ratio (and also the old US DVD ) and the correct ratio could be 1.85:1 ? I don't know. The audio is english DD 2.0
mono and the only extra a trailer

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