Gorgonas (2004)

US Synapse Films DVD edition

An old DVD release with 13 shorts from different directors working in the short film field

WOW! I saw this animated short almost 10 years ago when it was released in a 13 film collection of various shorts
made independently, some horror and some not. The Fantasia Film Festival 1996-2006.
10 years has passed and this little piece of genius work made in Argentina has forever got stuck in my brain with it's
dark apocalyptic atmosphere and scary feeling of doom. The Ending of the world caused by 3 singing sisters.
It's not animated the usual way as Salvador Sanz is no animator but a comic writer and it's stylized in a nice artful way.
Apocalyptic Horror-Art that in a very effective way uses the ancient Greek myth of the Gorgons, Medusa and her
sisters, the creatures that looked so frightful that people were turned to stone when watching their faces.

At the Stadium

And, this film is so UNDERRATED, it's a shame really. Sanz is a renowned Argentinian comic book writer but has
only made 2 short films to date, and this one from 2004 were the last one. I watched it a decade ago on the Synapse
Films DVD and have since seen it on Youtube, but then without the english subs.
Actually, you don't need the subs, the intense feeling of dread and doom permeates every frame of this great film and
you can enjoy as a piece of art. It's a shame this film isn't well known world-wide.

The Elektras

with their new darker style

This film starts after the catastrophe has begun to happen, an armed young man is entering the stadium and makes
his way through a mass of withering statues, of people turned to stone. He meets a woman who tell him how it all
started, how the popular girl pop group Elektra consisting of a triplet of sisters slowly turned into something else.
How they changed their image from Britney Spear-esque cute pop to a darker more gothic style, underwent some
strange operations of their voice organs and returned to the world music scene with a surprise concert televised
to the whole world. Lesson learnt - Beware of Girl pop groups. Watch this on Youtube and turn up the volume


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