The Golden Holiday (2020)

Taiwan Garageplay DVD edition


A probably somewhat obscure korean action crime comedy about a not very likeable grumpy and disgruntled cop Hong Byung-soo
(Kwak Do-won) who's married with an equally disgruntled and grumpy wife and with a kid, his 10 year old daughter.
Byung-soo is broke and can't pay his bankloan and in the opening scene a snotty bank woman tells him that his house will be sold
if he won't pay his loan. His wife is nagging him about taking a vacation abroad and mopes when he forgets their wedding anniversary.

He's a police detective and works with a group of corrupted colleagues who's taking bribes. But they're under investigation and as
they plan to make him the Fall Guy, they (as "good friends") collect money (using their bribes) for him to go on a vacation with his family
and they also tell him that his childhood friend Kim Yong-bae (Kim Sang-ho) have been spotted in the Phillipines.
As Yong-bae owes him a lot of money Byung-soo could kill two birds with a stone, 1. take his wife and daughter on a much wanted
holiday, and 2. Find Yong-bae and get his money back so he could pay off his loan at the bank and to save his house.

In Manila, the capital city of the Philippines, he immediately spots another childhood friend, Hwang Man-chul (Kim Dae-jung) who tells
him that Yong-bae is in prison for murder. Visiting him in prison Yong-bae tells Byung-soo that he has been framed and that he knows
where the hidden gold of WW2 japanese officer Yamashita is to be found. Will Byung-soo go for the gold and will he tell his wife ?
But remember the theme of the film .... "This is the Philippines, Corrupt and Lawless".
The Korean bad guy psychotic killer Patrick (Kim Hie-won) also wants the gold and his korean name is Bongu (a guy who farts a lot).

The film is presented in anamorphic widescreen with korean audio and with some tagalog and english DD 5.1 and with english subtitles


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