Susan Anton as Goldine. Poster pic from the net
An Obscure but interesting rarity of a film and a seldom seen cult film. The director Joseph Sargent made the great Pelham 1-2-3.
I actually saw this in a cinema when it was shown here in Sweden for a very short time, a week maybe and then in a cinema own
by one of the "Powerty Row" film companies. There was some buzz in swedish press as the swedish athlete Annette Tånnander
played the role of a an east-block athlete, Ursula Krull, running against The Golden Girl. It's over 35 years now since i saw it and
most people laughed at it because of the weird story and poor acting, including me, but the film had something unusual that got stuck
in my head after all these years. All advanced doping in sports since 1979 and the threat of genetic doping has made this film not a
sci-fi movie, but something mirroring the truth in today sports. An Unusual B-Movie that i really want to see again. Maybe, maybe
it will show up in some Film Company Archive Collection and DVD-R on Demand ? I Must check this. Susan Anton was really
beautiful even though her acting wasn't and Annette Tånnander was a favourite among all swedish male athletics entusiasts