Gifted (2015)

UK 88 Films Blu-ray edition

An interesting low-key and pretty light-hearted crime drama that take a sudden turn into black comedy horror. Well, you never know really
with South Korean films, unique for their twists and their genre switches. I much preferred the first part of this movie to be honest.

Kim Min-soo (Kim Bum-joon) has lost his job, unbeknown to his gorgeous girlfriend Jeong Su-jin (Bae Jung-hwa), and he desperately looks
for a new job but without succeeding. They've fine and pretty graphic sex (a proud tradition in South Korean films, and probably started in
art movies, to have natural true looking and Non-Hollywood type sex scenes).
In a Hollywood movie the heroine always rises from the bed with the bed-linen fastened, glued, whatever, to her body just above her breasts,
and this after, seemingly, having had hot sex all night. Why this sudden shyness ? Looks ridiculous and better to skip these "sex" scenes.

Hot Su-jin decides to buy a café and trusts her boyfriend to take out a loan and financially help her. She certainly won't hang out with him if
he by any chance would get broke, an absurd idea (aaah, that's true love, ain't it beautiful)?
Min-soo is desperate and starts working in low-payed jobs, as making chicken sandwiches or driving drunk car-owners home. He also starts
hanging out with Su-Jin's criminal younger brother Yeon-woo (Jeon Beom-soo) and soon finds out that he has a knack for stealing cars.
Soon the money is flowing in and Min-soo can spend a lot on presents to Su-jin again, but ... he has found out that he's a knack for killing too

The film is presented in widescreen 1.85:1 and with a korean audio DTS-HD MA 5.1 or 2.0 stereo with english subs, trailer extra


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