Ghost in the Shell (2017)

Swedish Paramount - DreamWorks Pictures

Text written 2017-10-17

Well, i had absolutely no nostalgic opinions of the old Mamoru Oshii anime classic, and i haven't read the manga
so i had low expectations for this one. It for sure looked great visually with the look of it's megacity (Tokyo?) and
the skyline and a lot of hologram commercials on the roofs and the walls of buildings. Everything ripped off the
classic Bladerunner by Ridley Scott. Scarlett is always nice to see, and Takeshi Kitano was cool as one of the very
few japanese in this film. The great actress Kaori Momoi can be seen for a blink as Scarlett's major Motoki's mother.

The film has been accused of "white-washing" but ... besides ogling at lovely Scarlett and enjoying the cgi visuals
the film ain't too exciting, quite dull actually. Dull as any mainstream blockbuster then, but no worse than others.
So, i doubt that more japanese actors would've made this any better, as a mainstream flick is a mainstream flick.
Scarlett is fine though, and she plays a japanese woman, Major Motoko, whose brain has been put in an armoured
shell, a cyborg shell (like Robocop) and the company that makes the shells is a western or international one, so
Major Motoko has got a western face. A perfectly OK stupid sci-fi action it was
Widescreen 1.78:1, english audio 5.1 DD with swedish subtitles. Extras: Section 9: Cyber Defenders, Man & Machine
The Ghost Philosophy