Thai DVD edition in anamorphical widescreen with thai audio DTS or DD5.1 and with english subtitles
Extras: a trailer and a Behind the Scenes featurette without english subtitles (22 minutes)

In a cave in Indian Kashmir a fossil of the Giant Dinosaur Bird Garuda is found. Below the City of Bangkok
when digging a tunnel for trains also a fossil of the bird is found. Half-Thai Leena (Sara Legge) and her
colleague archeologist Tim (Daniel Bruce Fraser) wants to start an excavation and they get the assistance
from military special forces. They soon find a cave with an intact specimen of The Garuda, and guess what,
surprise .... the beast is re-animated by electrical current and soon the fight between giant killer bird is
fought, Man against Bird. Leena, Tim and the soldier Tan (Sornram Theappitek) flees from the cave with
the Garuda chasing them, and the bird soon spreads chaos and panic in Bangkok.

Will the unique poor bird stay alive against the onslaught from the military ?

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