The first and second episode of the anime series adapted from the manga of Hiroya Oku. A bit dark and
almost to a nihilistic degree so, but also inspired in the beginning in a fast snazzy way. However, i'm not
sure if this series holds up later or if it gets repetitive.
In a briljant start we get to know the irritable and bored teenager Kei Kurano (voice: Daisuke Namikawa)
and his entrance to the subway platform, were we also get to hear all the nasty and irritated thoughts from
his fellow travellers. This was a very inspired and unusual, even though a bleak vision of humanity .
When a drunk falls to the rails, to the almost excitement of the non-samaritan travellers, an old schoolmate
of Kei, Masaru Kato turns up and they both jump down to save the bum, and gets their reward for this,
they get killed by the oncoming train. Or? They then wake up in a room with other recently and supposedly
deceased people, and in the middle of the room there's a big black Sphere - Gantz who says:
"Your life is now over your bastards, what you do with your new lives is for me to decide".
anamorfic widescreen, 2.0 japanese language with english subs (or an english dub 5.1) interview director
Ichiro Itano (6 min) and ADV trailers. Very violent and Uncut