The Island (1980)

Swedish Retro Film - Universal DVD edition


Ha! Ha! Ha! and .... Ha! This film is said to be the most embarrassing film Michael Caine has ever done, and supposedly he's refuses
to talk about it. And, I don't get it. Why ?
The Island was VERY entertaining, a Glorious Trashy Horror Comedy and old time Adventure movie with Pirates. I loved it ! FUN !
I haven't been this entertained by a film for a long time .... and with a soundtrack by Ennio Morricone too.

Investigative journalist Blair Maynard (Michael Caine) travels to Florida, Fort Lauderdale to look into the disappearance of a lot of
boats, and from there he flies to the Caribbean island of Navidad. Obviously he thinks this will be a smooth mission as he has taken
his young son Justin with him. He rents a fishing boat from the jovial Dr. Windsor (Frank Middlemass) and out on open sea they are
attacked by "real" 17th century pirates and taken as prisoners to their island and their secret hideout.

Blair killed the husband of the woman Beth and he's her now, and she rapes him. His son Justin is raised by his new father John David
Nau (David Warner). The pirates came to the island in 1608 and have since robbed and murdered sailors passing by, their hidden
community unknown to the world.
The film has a lot of action and gore, Michael Caine sucks and carries a flabbergasted look all through (what am I doing here, please
someone help me) and Beth (Angela Punch McGregor) was my favourite islander. What happened to the nasty Devil girl ?

I loved the ending. The film was shot in Antigua and nominated to 2 (two) Razzie Awards for worst actor and worst director

The film is presented in widescreen 2.35:1, english 5.1 DD audio with swedish subtitles, trailer and TV spot, gallery, retro trailers


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